National OREO Services

Whether you are a local, regional, or national lending institution the Buccola Group provides a "Central Broker Program" service that consolidates the flow of information on multiple properties in multiple locations, enabling lending institutions to close a high volume of transactions with ease and organization.

One call provides all the answers

The Buccola Group assists financial institutions with the disposition of OREO Properties by providing accurate timely information for:

Foreclosure Process

  • Site visits
  • Market Valuations, BPO's, BOV's
  • Assist in the securing the property
  • Coordinate the transfer of utilities
  • Winterization, repairs and maintenance

Purchase and Sales Process

  • Same day submission of offer to the seller
  • Offer summary
  • Broker recommendations for counter offer and response
  • "The CFO Report" A weekly report of pending sales

The Buccola Group has closed over 60 million dollars in transactions of residential properties, commercial properties, subdivisions, income properties and bare land for lending institutions since 2008.

The Buccola Group...Real Estate Done Right!